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Friday, August 1, 2014

Cafe-Hopping: Waffle Slayer

I have promised Mariem that I will do cafe-hopping with her, but I never got the time to fulfil my promise. Mariem has requested that I spend 31st July with her as her birthday present and she decided that she wants to do cafe-hopping. She gave me a list of cafes she want to visit and I planned the route.

Fist stop, Waffle Slayer. 

This place is all about waffles and coffee.

Since I don't drink coffee, I had my favourite hot drink, Hot Chocolate. It is very chocolatey, but I think a bit more milk would have been nice.

While waiting for Mariem, I thought I would have something savoury for breakfast and ordered this House Smoked Salmon Benedict. The smoked salmon is delicious, but I feel that a little more work is needed on the Hollandaise sauce because it is a little tasteless. The salad could be better too, it tastes like I am eating raw leaves.

Banana Brûlée Buttermilk Waffle - caramelised bananas, pieces of fresh strawberries, walnuts and a generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream sits on top of freshly-made buttermilk waffle. Nothing beats freshly-made waffles with vanilla ice-cream, they are the perfect couple. The caramelised bananas, strawberry and walnuts make it better.

Candied Apple & Almond Crumble Buttermilk Waffle - candied apples surround a generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream that sits on top freshly-made buttermilk waffle, served with almond crumble. It looks good, doesn't it?

Waffle Slayer
Address: 37 Kampong Bahru Road
Telephone: 6222 4869
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm

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