Sunday, July 27, 2014

Oysters Grill & Bar Wharf (Robertson Quay)

I would like to dedicate this first post to Stella Evangaline Toh, without whom this website would not have existed. We came up with the idea of starting a food blog and naming it Hungry Ghost together.

She was the one who introduced me to Oysters Grill & Bar Wharf, the restaurant that made me fall in love with oysters.

Before I was introduced to Oysters Grill & Bar Wharf, my perception of oysters stops at those slimy little things in Oyster Omelette.

Fried Oysters from Oysters Grill & Bar Wharf

If you are like me, trying fresh oysters for the first time, I would suggest that you start off with the Fried Oysters, which is what I did. Don't they look like four perfect golden nuggets? The oysters used for Fried Oysters are mostly Canadian oysters, and they taste like melted cheese. There is sauce in the shell, but I like to taste the natural taste of my food.

1 Dozen of Oysters

When you have graduated from Fried Oysters, you are ready for the Fresh Oysters. You can start off with half a dozen first, or you can go straight for a dozen like I did. Fresh Oysters taste nothing like the slimy things found in Oyster Omelette. They are salty, crunchy and very delicious! Oyster lovers will agree with me.

Seafood Saffron Rice

Hamburger Steak

Cheese and Italian Sausages

Mushroom Ajillo

Although Oysters Grill & Bar Wharf specialises in oysters, they have an extensive Western menu full mouthwatering delights. We have (from left to right): Seafood Saffron Rice, Paella Style; Hamburger SteakCheese and Italian Sausages; Scallop & Mushroom Ajillo.

Cinderella Mojito


Ginger Mint Tea Mojito

Wharf Mojito

Oysters Grill & Bar Wharf  boosts more than 100 wines and mojitos. This is a good place to have a drink and relax after a stressful day at work.

Big BreakfastFrench Toast

When Oyster Grill & Bar Wharf started the brunch menu, it took me a while before I finally got the chance to try the food.  I am so glad that I did, the Big Breakfast's portion is huge, but the price is small. I ordered French Toast for dessert but I find that it's not eggy enough although the chef (who happened to be dining with me and Stella that day) told us that he soaked the bread in 16 eggs and sugar. What can I say, I have a weakness for sweet stuff.

Oysters Grill & Bar Wharf (Robertson Quay)
Address: #01-01 The Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay 
Telephone: 62352466
Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday (Dinner): 5pm - 2am (last order 1.30am); Saturday, Sunday Public Holiday (Lunch): 12pm - 5pm (last order 4pm)

Oyster Bar & Japanese Cuisine (Sentosa)
Address: #01-12,  31 Ocean Way Quayside Isle
Telephone: 63396779
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday (Dinner): 5pm-11pm (last Order 10:30pm); Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday (Lunch): 12pm - 5pm (last order 4pm)

Oyster Bar & Wine Dining (Chijmes) - Opening on 10th September 2014
Address: #01-1930 CHIJMES Victoria Street
Opening Hours: Lunch: 12pm - 5pm (last order 4pm); Dinner: 5pm-11pm (last order 10:30am) 

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