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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ichiban Boshi (Suntec City) - Another "Memorable" Dining Experience

I have to say, Ichiban Boshi (Suntec City) never fails to make my dining experience an "memorable" one. I thought it can't get any worse than my horrifying first dining experience at Ichiban Boshi (Suntec City), especially when I have taken Stella's suggestion of ordering their bento sets which is supposed to be their strong suit.  

I was promptly seated at a counter seat and my order was promptly taken. Then, I waited and waited ... waited and waited till I could not stand it any longer. How long could a plate of cold soba (which is probably already cooked beforehand and just waiting to be served) and a bowl of chicken katsudon? I finally managed to lock eyes with a female staff who smiled at me ... and she went about doing her own things. I finally got hold of another female staff who went to help me check and my meal miraculously appeared in the next one minute. 

I ordered Chasoba & Katsu Don Gozen which consists of ...

soggy Green Tea Flavoured Noodles ...

Mini Chicken Cutlet with Scrambled Egg Rice Bowl which tastes very normal ...

surprisingly fresh Salmon Sashimi ...

my favourite Appetizer of Hiyayakko (Japanese colf tofu) ... 

Miso Soup ...

 and Fruit which is two pieces of watermelon.

At least this time, the food is reasonably fresh although it is nowhere near fantastic. I don't think I will be visiting this restaurant anytime soon because I don't really fancy spending 30 minutes either waiting for someone to notice me and bring me to a seat; or waiting to spot my waving and take my order; or waiting to have my food delivered to me. The waiting really gets to me.

Is it just pure coincidence that Suntec City happens to house the worst outlet of two chain restaurants (namely Ichiban Boshi and The Manhattan Fish Market)?

Please find addresses and telephone numbers of all 10 Ichiban Boshi outlets here

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