Thursday, September 1, 2016

Penang St Buffet: Crab Madness Buffet

Penang St Buffet's Crab Madness Buffet is back by popular demand! Having earned "Emerging Enterprise 2015" and "SME of the Year 2015", this halal buffet is back with 10 types of crabs to satisfy your crab cravings and various Penang dishes.

The chilled seafood counter is where you can find fresh mussels, Alaska crabs, scallop, crayfish, prawns and salmon sashimi. 

Crab Bisque is flavorful soup that is beautifully orange in color and has a thick and creamy texture. It goes exceptionally well with fried mantou.

This is where you can get Crab Claw and Mantou.

You can make your own kuey pai tee, a Nyonya snack that is popular in Penang and Singapore.

This is the salad station where you can make a simple salad. 

Lok Lok is a popular street snack in Malaysia where food is skewered on bamboo sticks and eaten with sauces. Sadly, there are only sausages, crab sticks and fish balls available.

These Mini Burger are so cute!

At the pizza counter, there are Chilli Crab Pizza and Butter Crab Pizza.

You can make your own rojak with the various ingredients.

There is also Chicken Satay.

The Noodles Station offers dishes such as Kailan with Crabmeat, Penang Fried Kway Teow with Crabmeat, Cuttlefish Kangkong and Penang Crab Noodles Soup. I especially recommend the Penang Crab Noodles Soup which has a robust crab stock, 

Black Pepper Crab are steamed before the black pepper flakes are added in, so the crabs retain its juiciness while the black pepper gives it just a hint of spiciness.

Butter Crab is rather similar to the Salted Egg Crab in terms of appearance, but instead of the grainy texture of salted egg, you get the fragrant buttery sauce that tastes absolutely divine with fried mantou.

Kam Heong Crab is a signature Malaysian stir-fry style that is renowned for the fragrance imparted during the cooking process, hence it was named "Kam Heong" which means "golden fragrance" in Cantonese.

This is not your regular Penang Chilli Crab, this is the Penang-style chilli crab which is sweeter than the Singapore version. 

This is the first time I have heard of cooking crab with pumpkin, but here we have Pumpkin Crab. The natural sweetness of pumpkin compliments the sweetness of the crab meat very well.

Salted Egg Crab is almost identical to the Golden Sand Crab, but the grainy texture and pungent fragrance makes this my favorite crab. The sauce is so tasty, I see people going back for second and third helpings. 

I personally think Stuffed Chicken in Crab is an ingenious way of using the crab shell. Minced chicken are mixed with crab meat, which are then stuffed in crab shells and deep fried with a layer of egg wash to hold the filling in. The chicken patty absorbs the freshness of the crab and it tastes marvelous. 

Those who want something with a little more kick should try the Tom Yam Crab. Don't be misled by the clear soup, the medium spiciness will have you fanning your tongue. 

Typhoon Crab are fried with corn, carrots, potatoes, black soy bean, chilli padi and onion.  This style of cooking crabs originated from Hong Kong.

Whole the Salted Egg Crab is grainy, the Golden Sand Crab more creamy and rich. However, it lacks the depth of flavor and the sauce tastes rather watery.

Don't forget to end your meal with some desserts such as Salted Egg Tart, Yam Paste and their signature Durian Cendol.

There are two session for the Crab Madness Buffet: Session 1: 4.45pm-7pm; Session 2: 7.30pm-10pm. If you have the time and stomach to wait, I strongly suggest that you wait for Session 2 where you get to enjoy the grilled items, and lobsters are only available on weekends. Not that it really matters that much, because I can assure you that it is almost impossible to sample everything within 2.5 hours.
Monday - Thursday: $59.90 ++ (Child $19.90++)
Friday - Sunday, Public Holiday, Public Holiday: $63.90 ++ (Child $20.90++)
*Children below 100cm dine for free. Child refers to children below 12 years old

Penang St Buffet
Address: 1 Woodlands Square, Causeway Point #05-12
Telephone: 68947872
Opening Hours: 

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