Monday, October 3, 2016

Astons Specialities (Suntec City)

I am sure most Singaporeans are not unfamiliar with Astons, which has been serving "quality food at affordable prices" since 2005, or at least that's what Astons claim. I had fond memories at Astons, but I realized that Aston's quality has been dropped significantly over the years, which was why I have not reviewed them so far.

As fate will have it, my colleagues and I were going to watch a movie one day and they decided to have dinner at Astons Specialties so I tagged along, crossing my fingers that Astons Specialties will do a better job than the regular Astons.

The menu is mainly made up of chicken, fish and steaks, each main dish comes with 2 sides.

You can't really go wrong with Black Pepper Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken as long as the chicken cutlets are well-marinated and tender.

Don't be alarmed that you can't find fish & chips in Astons Specialties menus as Crispy Fried Fish is another name of the classic fish & chips and it is surprisingly well-executed. The fish are tender and extremely crispy on the outside, the difference in texture between the inside and outside creates an amazing dining experience.   

 I had been warned before that it is not worth it having steaks at places such as Astons Specialties and I have had a terrible experience with my last steak, but I thought I would give it another try and ordered Prime Ribeye. It looked presentable but the taste was another thing altogether. I asked for medium-rare doneness and what I got was really more like medium doneness and the steak was so tough that I had difficulty swallowing the meat. It's either there is something wrong with the quality of the meat or something went wrong during the grilling process, but my advice is to stay off steaks at Astons Specialties.

Astons Specialties is an economical restaurant great for families and budget dining but I am sad to admit that steaks at Astons Specialties are not up to standard as yet and that diners will do well to stick by the common chicken and fish dishes.

Addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of all 11 Astons Specialties outlets, as well as 2 Astons Steak & Salad outlets and 8 Astons Express outlets can be found here.  

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