Thursday, October 13, 2016

Kim's Family Food Korean Restaurant (Bukit Timah)

After watching episode 513 of the Korean variety show Running Man where they were playing a game where the two teams have to buy the ingredients to make the Korean stew nakji jeongol (Korean octopus stew), I developed a sudden craving for this aromatic Korean stew, so I did a search and found out that nakiji jeonggal stew is not very popular in Singapore and it seems that the only restaurant that serves this stew is Kim's Family Restaurant.

I have been to the outlet at West Coast but this is my first time at the Bukit Timah outlet. 

Every main course is accompanied by 12 Korean side dishes which are known as banchan. The banchan are refillable and the portions are generous. 

Yes, here comes the Nakji Jeongol that I came for. This Korean spicy octopus casserole is usually meant for 2-3 people, but I managed to finish the pot all by myself. Fresh baby octopus is cooked together with mushrooms, tofu, green spring onions, black fungus and Korean rice cakes. The soup is not overly spicy, even non-spicy eater like me can tolerate and it is totally slurp-worthy. (I meant to take a video of the stew but I pressed the wrong button in mistake and ended up taking a time-lapse video instead.) 

Kim's Family Food Korean Restaurant is a hidden gem that serves great home-style Korean dishes. Besides serving every Korean hotpot and noodle dish you can think of, the restaurant also offers Korean BBQ with a selection of 14 meats. You can find their menu here. Service is excellent, the Korean waiter and waitresses are quick to respond and help to cook your meal. 

Kilat Court, 17 Lorong Kilat #01-06, Singapore 598139
Telephone: 6465 0535
106 Clementi Street 12 #01-44, Singapore 120106
Telephone: 6774 4643
2 Clementi West Street 2, West Coast Community Centre #01-01,
Telephone: 6775 0023


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