Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Butcher's Kitchen

The rental at Suntec City Mall has once again proven to be too expensive and the Italian restaurant, Boturra, that served some amazing pasta and pizzas, has closed down. 

The Butcher's Kitchen took over the spot and the concept is so similar, I won't be surprised if both restaurants are managed by the same people. 

Let's go and try out this new restaurant. 

There is a big ice-cream counter displaying more than 20 flavors of ice-cream. Flavors range from the classic Vanilla, Green Tea and Hazelnut flavors to the more adventurous Gula Melaka and Thai Milk Tea flavors.

As opening specials, The Butcher's Kitchen is rolling out two lunch set menus. $9.80 nett set consists of the restaurant's signature Butcher's Burger Dog (choice of lamb, pork or beef) accompanied by either fries or mixed rocket salad; $15 nett set consists of a pasta or pizza (pasta: basil pesto, carbonara, aglio olio; pizza: margarita, hawaiian, salami) accompanied by either soup of the day (which is always onion soup) or mixed salad. 

I have tried all the three versions of their signature Butcher's Burger Dog with lamb, pork and beef. The patties are well-marinated and mixed with spices and herbs, making the parties more juicy and flavorful. Paired with fresh lettuce and melted cheese and sandwiched in fragrant focaccia bread, it is simply so good. 

Onion Soup and Mixed Salad are two of the side dishes. Mixed Salad is very fresh but it's really the Onion Soup that really amazes me. Onions are fried till golden brown and caramelised before hot water is added to turn it into a soup. This is my first time drinking onion soup and I am pleasantly surprised to find no pungent onion taste in the soup. 

Three are three options for pizza: margarita, hawaiian and salami. I couldn't make up my mind, so I asked the waiter serving me to give me suggestion and he said to try the salami. Truth be told, I have never reallly liked salami pizza because it seems so bare with just cheese and salami which is a type of cured sausage, but after taking a bit of the pizza, i realized that it is exactly this simplicity that makes Salami pizza so irresistible. The crispy thin pizza base and fragrant cheese make this simple pizza even more enjoyable. 

The waiter gave me such a great recommendation that I asked for his opionion again when I went there up try the pastas. I took his suggestion of Basil Pesto and it totally blew my mind way. I have had pesto pasta once before and it was so gross that I avoided anything with "pesto" ever since. The Butcher's Kitchen's Basil Pesto is another story altogether. Freshly-made pesto sauce is cooked together with olive oil and garnished with chopped basil. Neither the basil or pesto is overpowering, everything is in perfect balance. The only imperfection is that the spaghetti noodles are a little soft, but perhaps it is especially over-cooked to compliment the soft and light basil pesto sauce. This is THE basil pesto pasta for me. 

If The Butcher's Kitchen's signature Butcher's Burger Dog is any indication of the quality of the meats served here, I am convinced it will be awesome. Even though it may be a little expensive, the pastas and pizza are good enough to warrant a try. 

The Butcher's Kitchen
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #02-472

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