Thursday, March 2, 2017

Epiphyte - Garden Theme Cafe at Neil Road

Epiphyte is a relatively newcomer to the bustling food scene at Neil Road. Epiphytes are plants that grow harmlessly upon another plant and this garden theme cafe allows you to dine surrounded by greenery. 

The interior of the cafe has been designed to resemble a garden with brick walls, potted plants, terrariums and fairy lights. 

This is an off-menu item called Salted Egg Chicken but the photograph does not do it justice. I promise you that it looks a lot more appealing than this "pile of dung" but I am not too happy with the taste. It is creamy but I can't really taste the salted egg. The chicken pieces and the sauce do not compliment each other. 

Cartoccio is an Italian cooking method of cooking food in a paper bag (grease paper in this case). Seafood Cartoccio is cooked in this method where an assortment of seafood and vegetables are wrapped first in grease paper and then in aluminum foil, cooked together with coconut prawn broth and daun kesom (pandan in Malay). It's a weird-tasting meal but at least the seafoods are fresh. 

Some people have called it Galaxy Cake, Galaxy Mousse Cake and various other names, but this dessert is actually called Twilight. Chocolate sponge cake is infused with cointreau orange curd and finally coated with marbling chocolate mousse that resembles the galaxy. 

Beside Twilight, there are other artfully-designed desserts such as Terrarium, Sunset Longonberry and Mango-Passionate. 

Address: 47 Neil Road
Telephone: 94518873
Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 4pm - 12am; Friday 4pm - 1am; Saturday 11am - 1am; Closed on Sunday 

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