Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ah Loy Thai - Delicious Yet Affordable Thai Food

I don't know how the topic of Thai food came up in our conversation, but all of a sudden, two of my colleagues were raving about this Thai restaurant called Ah Loy Thai. They went on and on about the calamari, glass noodles. A search on Google showed some saliva-worthy dishes so I decided to pack some food home from this restaurant. 

It is my first time here, so I ordered the dishes that my colleagues have recommended. 

Butter Calamari is a signature dish at Ah Loy Thai. The calamari is fried till a crispy golden colour and drenched in melted butter and spicy chili sauce. The buttery taste with subtle hint of sweet and spicy makes makes this one of the best calamari I have had so far. 

Fried Glass Noodle is another dish highly recommended by my colleagues, and I can definitely see why. The glass noodles are soft yet has a good bite to it. Taste is consistent throughout. An excellent dish. 

There is nothing special about Fried Sweet Potato Leaves. The leaves are well cooked but they taste little bland.

The Pineapple Fried Rice is mediocre at best. The fragrance of the pineapples is not infused into the fried rice.

Ah Loy Thai's Thai Fried Keotow (Phad Thai) balances the sweet, salty and spicy of this popular dish well. The keotow, which is really our kway teow, is cooked just right and the springiness of the noodles makes this a delicious dish.

The food at Ah Loy Thai is not spectacularly good, but the homely feel of the dishes and the very economical prices makes Ah Loy Thai a popular destination among students and office workers alike.

Ah Loy Thai
Address: 100 Beach Road, Shaw Towers #01-39/40
Telephone: 91651543 
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 12pm - 8pm; Saturday - Sunday 1pm - 7pm; Closed on Public Holidays


  1. Thai food holds a special place in my heart and will always be my favorite cusine. That being said, let me know when you find the best Thai restaurant in Singapore and I'll be sure to try it :)

    1. Thai food is not exactly my favourite cuisine, but I shall start on my journey of trying all the Thai restaurants in Singapore, just because of what you said, so be expecting a lot of posts on Thai food ...

    2. Aw, i don't want you to eat food you don't really like! I just meant it as a light hearted comment so dont change your plans just for me :) Eat whatever makes you happy and I'll enjoy reading about it.

    3. Your comment is only one of the reasons I want to do that. Although Thai food is not my favourite cuisine, I still enjoy eating it. My aim is to try all the restaurants in Singapore so Thai cuisine is definitely on my list.