Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nuvo - $15 Set Lunch (October)

Today is the last day of October and there are still a few things I have not tried on the $15 Lunch (October) menu. 

I am not much of a salad person although I am trying very hard to understand how people can enjoy such things. The only thing I like about Warm Mozzarella Salad is the cubes of mozzarella cheese wrapped in bacon. Those little things are a little chewy but lacks punch.

The last time I had lunch here with my colleagues and Doctor Chong, we all agreed to skip Truffled Mac & Cheese because we thought there is nothing special about it. We could not have been more wrong! The whole plate was put in the oven to bake so the entire plate was very hot when it arrived at our table. The melted cheese that covers the macaroni is cooked till a light golden hour and the inside is filled with gooey cheese. Truffle bits sprinkled on top further enhances the taste, bring the enjoyment to a whole new level. It is so god damn delicious! 

Italian Coffee and Japanese Sweet Potatoes is not exactly my favourite dessert but it does have its merits. I don't like coffee but I have to admit that the Italian coffee jelly is very aromatic. The mashed Japanese sweet potatoes is very sweet and smooth. The components taste great on their own but they don't really come together very well. 

After having such delightful food at Nuvo, I can't wait for the November menu. 

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-100
Telephone: 68222098
Opening Hours: Sunday - Thursday & Public Holidays 11am - 11pm; Friday - Saturday & Public Holiday Eve 11am - 1am


  1. This set looks great! I'm a huge fan of mac and cheese actually and its one of those comfort food dishes that I just have to make once in a while. I've actually never tried black truffle so I'll have to do that one day. That dessert seems interesting..I love coffee and I love sweet potatoes bug I'm not sure how I feel about them together. Seems odd. Does this restaurant change menus every month? If so that's pretty great.

  2. Yes, they change menu every month, but only some items are changed while the rest remain the same. I guess it's a good thing for me so I don't have to go there 3 times every month just to try all the food.