Thursday, July 14, 2016

PasarBella (Suntec City): Squeezed!

PasarBella is derived from the Malay word "pasar" which means "marketplace" and "bella" which means "beautiful" in Italian. Inspired by the quirky and rustic interior of Covent Garden in London and the rich aromatic scents of fresh organic produce in Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market, PasarBella is a marketplace where traders of all kinds congregate to offer a marketplace experience like no other.

I have been wanting to check out this delightful place ever since I have learned of its existence a few years ago, but The Grandstand at Turf City is really out of the way for folks like me who do not drive, so I have been putting it off.

PasarBella has just opened a new outlet at the newly-renovated Suntec City and I am really excited to check out all the awesome foods. In fact, I am so in love with the idea that I am dedicating 2 month worth of post to PasarBella.

Let's pop over to Squeezed for some healthy cold-pressed juices, shall we?

The juices here are 100% cold-pressed which means a hydraulic press is used to extract the juices, it is supposedly better at retaining the nutrients of the fruits although there is no evidence to support such a claim. I personally can't tell the difference between cold-pressed juices and non-cold-pressed juices, but Squeezed! does have some amazing juice blends such as this Pitch Perfect which is a combination of starfruit, Asian pear and guava. It is mildly sweet and very refreshing. Besides cold-pressed blends, Squeezed! also have some great smoothies such as Mango Tango and Lychee Glee.  

What distinguishes Squeezed! from all the other run-of-the-mill fruit juice stalls is their one-of-kind Squeezed! Bun. The Suntec City outlet does not have the savory options, it has Ice Cream Burwiches. There are three options for Ice Cream Burwiches: French Kiss, Chocolate Overdose and Mango Madness. The one I have here is French Kiss, where a scoop of premium French vanilla ice-cream,drizzled with maple syrup, is sandwiched between hot toasty brioche buns, served with crunchy flakes. The contrast between hot brioche buns and cold ice cream creates an interesting contrast, but the sauces has totally over powdered the creaminess of ice-cream so all that I can taste is a sickening sweetness. Perhaps Chocolate Overload and Mango Madness will be better. 

Squeezed! is all about making wholesome foods convenient, fun and enjoyable. 

There are currently 3 outlets of Squeezed! in Singapore and all information can be found on their website.

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