Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Mookata

I have always loved steamboat and barbecue, where can I can cook the food to my own liking. All-you-can-eat steamboat and barbecue buffets are a godsend for big eaters like me where we can eat as much as we want without breaking the bank. There was Chinese steamboat, Japanese steamboat, Korean barbecue and now we have Thai barbecue steamboat called Mookata.

The restaurant is clean, but there is only alfresco sitting available. It can get really hot as the meal progressed, so come armed with thin comfortable clothes and cool down with homemade Thai Ice Milk Tea and Thai Ice Lemon Tea.

Tick the ingredients that you want in this order form and the ingredients will be prepared upon order and delivered to you in stackable trays. The 28 ingredients available include meat, seafood, vegetable and popular steamboat favorites such as crabstick, fishball, egg toufu and fresh egg. 

If you are hungry and you want something to munch on while your food is being cooked, there is a small selection of Fried Food such as Chicken Nugget, Toufu Fish Cake, Thai Fish Cake, Tom Yum Prawns, Popcorn Chicken and French Fries. Try dipping Popcorn Chicken in remaining cheese, it's a great way to mop up leftover cheese and it tastes very similar to the Korean dish Chicken Buldak (spicy Korean fried chicken with cheese). 

Happy Mookata has recently changed their steamboat and barbecue pot into a "yuan yang" pot where you have spicy tom yum soup in half of the steamboat and chicken soup in the other half. Additional soups are kept in plastic jars on every table, so you can top up your own soup and never have to worry about the soup drying out. The cheese has been changed from the sticky and filling mozzarella cheese to fragrant nachos cheese. It tastes exceptionally well with Popcorn Chicken, but no one will stop you from dipping steamboat and barbecue items with it.  

There is free-flow ice-cream for desserts. It is so heavenly to have a scoop of creamy and sweet ice-cream after all the food. 

At just $25.90 per person, coupled with excellent service from the staff and late closing hours that caters to the night owls, Happy Mookata is a winning formula and it is no wonder why so many people are raving about this restaurant. 

Happy Mookata (Golden Mile Complex)
Address: 6001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Tower #01-55D
Telephone: 81130774
Opening Hours: 6pm - 3am

Happy Mookata (Sunset Way)
Address: 106 Clementi Street 12, Sunset Way #01-46

Happy Mookata (Serangoon)
Address: 21 Teck Chye Terrace

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