Thursday, October 20, 2016

K.Cook Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet (Westgate)

Yes! K.Cook Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet has recently opened a new outlet at Westgate! 

Quite a number of friends have recommended K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet to me, but its location at Orchard Central is not very convenient for me, so even though I have been salivating after the delicious meats for many months, I have not had the chance to it out. 

Now West-siders like me can look forward to having delicious Korean barbecue without having to travel far. Moreover, this outlet is the first Korean barbecue restaurant to combine Korean barbecue with steamboat.

There are 12 types of chicken, beef and pork to choose from, besides prawns, cuttlefish, sausages, fishballs and other steamboat ingredients. The meats include Marinated Chicken with Soy Sauce, Marinated Pork Rib Shoulder, Pork Belly, Beef Chunk Tender, Bacon and many others.

Fresh vegetables include three types of mushrooms, cabbage, bok choy, bean sprouts and corn, alongside the most crucial ingredient in Korean steamboat - ramyeon. 

No Korean barbecue is complete without kimchi, garlic, lettuce and chili sauce. 

Let's start cooking! Wrapping enoki mushroom in bacon was a technique I learned from a friend (thank you, Ronald). The sweetness of the enoki mushroom and saltiness from the bacon will create fireworks in your mouth.

As you wait for your food to get cooked, you can indulge in some cooked foods such as Stir-Fried Spicy Rice Cake, Marinated Chicken with Soy Sauce, Fried Sugar Glazed Sweet Potato, Stir-Fried Sausage with Vegetable and Fried Mushroom with Soy Sauce. For those who want something Western, there is Spaghetti and there is Stir-Fried Glass Noodles which looks like the Thai dish pad woon sen.

End your meal with some fruits or salad.

Reasonable pricing, fresh meats and vegetables, friendly and helpful staff, great location, no time limit ... need I go on? 

K.Cook Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet (Westgate)
Address: 3 Gateway Drive, Westgate #B1-02
Telephone: 63526680
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 11.30am - 3pm; 5.30pm - 10pm; Saturday - Sunday 11.30am - 10pm

K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet (Orchard Central)
Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central 
Telephone: 68847282
Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday 11.30am - 3pm; 5.30pm - 10pm; Friday - Sunday 11.30am - 3pm; 5pm - 10pm

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