Thursday, November 3, 2016

Manna Story

I discovered on a recent trip to Plaza Singapura that basement 2 is under renovation and a slew of small Korean restaurants have opened up. One such Korean restaurant is Manna Story.

The restaurant is decked in country-style look with wooden tables and chairs, complete with warm orange lights. It feels very homely and inviting. 

Since we are at a Korean restaurant, I decided to try out canned Korean drinks, 

The side dishes are rather pathetic as compared to the 12 replenishable side dishes served at Kim's Family Korean Restaurant.

This is definitely the sweetest and largest portion of Topokki I have ever eaten. There is only a hint of spicyness with a sickening sweetness.

You can't really go wrong with Dolsot Bibimbap, especially when there are 10 choices of topping to choose from.

I have been craving for Korean Army Stew after watching episode 315 of Running Man, and I satisfied my craving with a piping-hot Budae Jjigae. The stew is not overly spicy and the ramyeon tastes simply fantastic!

It's a case of hit-or-miss case when it comes to Manna Story. Some dishes are very well-done while others are not so great. The food is far from authentic, but it is still a decent place for a simple Korean meal.

Manna Story
Address: 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura #B2-22
Telephone: 62381245
Opening Hours: Daily 10am - 9pm

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