Thursday, January 19, 2017

Gudetama Cafe - Theme Cafe Serves Decent Food

Gudetama, the grumpy and lazy popular Sanrio egg character from Japan, has finally arrived in Singapore. Gudetama Cafe opened on 30 November 2016 with roaring success. Snaking long queue can be seen outside the cafe everyday in the following one month. 

The 2300 square feet cafe has a seating capacity of 112, decorated with animated walls, waffle ceilings and egg-shaped booths. 

That is all very well, but the most important question is: how is the food? Is it good enough to justify queueing for half an hour? Let's go and find out. 

I was recommended this Straw-Very "Lazy" when I asked for a drink recommendation. It is essentially a sweet tea infused with lychee and blueberries. It is of just the right sweetness and the cute design makes it even more enjoyable.

I have been craving for a bread bowl for a while which is why I ordered Gudetama Lobster Onsen. You can taste a bit of the lobster in the lobster bisque but I personally feel that it is not creamy enough.

"I'm Cold"Smoked Salmon Egss Benedict is Gudetama Cafe's version of the popular breakfast item. Two poached eggs are wrapped with smoked salmon, sitting on top of broiche toast with mashed avacado, topped with yuzu hollandaise sauce, served with sautéed mushrooms, hash brown and salad. The poached eggs are runny and the hollandaise sauce, the deciding factor of any egg benedict dish, is creamy with slight sweetness from the yuzu. 

Big "Nua"Breakfast is one of the bestsellers at this cafe. Two sunny side-up are accompanied by crispy bacon, sausage, sautéed mushrooms and salad. The sautéed mushrooms are a little bland and the bacon are a little too charred but the cute presentation of the dish wins me over. 

If you are looking for something a little more filling, Lazy Surfer may be a good option. A bowl of Brazilian rice is surrounded by seafoods such as clams, sotong, mussels and prawns. Mashed potatoes may be used when the cafe runs out of Brazilian rice. The seafoods are not very fresh, but nothing that will cause a stomach upset. 

Shuyu Ramen's presentation is so convincing that I really thought it is a ramen dish, but the "ramen" is actually made with chocolate and feuilletine cake topped with chestnut mont blanc and earl grey jelly, accompanied by panna cotta and sweetened rose tea. Unfortunately, the "ramen" turned out too soggy but the panna cotta was good. 

Gude Pudding is a dessert of perfectly-shaped caramel flan sits on top of premium vanilla ice-cream, served with caramelized bananas and apple crumble. The vanilla ice-cream is rich and smooth and the caramel flan is creamy and delicious. This is definitely my favorite dessert. 

I am fairly surprised by the quality of the food served at Gudetama Cafe because it is so much better than many other theme cafes. Now that school holidays are over and the hype has died down, there isn't much queue which makes it the perfect time to try out Gudetama Cafe. 

Gudetama Cafe
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #01-361
Telephone: 66776195
Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday 9am - 10pm; Friday - Sunday 8am - 10pm

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