Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Red Star Restaurant - Old School Hong Kong Dim Sum

Red Star Restaurant is one of the oldest and most well-known dim sum restaurants in Singapore. Nestled within HDB blocks, Red Star Restaurant has been in operation since 1970s. The restaurant specializes in Cantonese dim sum and American duck.  

Red Star Restaurant has maintained the original decorations with red carpets, tablecloth-draped tables and red chairs. You will feel as if you have been transported into a traditional dim sum place in Hong Kong the moment you step in. 

Dim sum are presented in different trolleys pushed around the restaurant by middle-aged waitresses and a chop is given on the yellow order card for every item. 

No dim sum experience is complete without a pot of Chinese tea. There are Chrysanthemum Tea, Pu Er Tea, Tie Guan Yin and Xiang Pian to choose from. Tea cups are served in a metal bowl filled with boiling hot water which you can use to sterilize the cups before using. 

Har Gow was disappointing with dry and cracked skin, Braised Chicken Feet is very well-marinated and the skin is so soft it falls right off the bones while the Pork Ribs are tender and flavorful. 

The Beef Ball are very tender and flavorful, steamed with beancurd skins to enhanced its flavor. 

For something a little healthier, go for the Seafood Beancurd Skin. Fresh prawns and squid are wrapped in a thin layer of beancurd skin and steamed with sauce. It is a simple and delicious dish. 

Carrot Cake is another well-known and popular dim sum made with shredded white radish that is then steamed and fried to give it a crispy coat. 

This is the Hong Kong style Egg Tart with layered pastry crust and eggy egg custard. The egg custard is creamy and not overly sweet, deliciousness in every bite. 

Red Star Restaurant also serves Roast Duck imported from America, affectionately known as America Duck. The ducks are a little oily as evidenced by the layer of fats underneath the skin, but the roasting has gotten rid of the gamey taste of duck. Prices vary from $12-15 depending on the cut. 

Ecomincal prices and long-standing reputation as one of the best place to have dim sum in Singapore makes Red Star Restaurant a popular dining spot especially during the weekends. Now that the restaurant is finally accepting  reservations, do book in advance to avoid long queues and disappointment. 

Red Star Restaurant 
Address: Block 54 Chin Swee Road #07-23
Telephone: 65325266
Opening Hours: Breakfast/Lunch  (Dim Sum): Monday - Saturday 8am - 3pm; Breakfast/Lunch (Ala Carte): Monday - Sunday 7am - 3pm; Dinner: Monday - Saturday 6am - 10pm

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