Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Yogurtland - Create Your Yogurt Masterpiece with 33 Toppings

Popular American yogurt brand Yogurtland, which originated from California, has opened its flagship store at Suntec City Mall, occupying the space previously used by All Things Nice. 

According to this poster, Yogurtland's yogurt offers many health benefits such as vitamin C, calcium and antioxidants. Yogurtland's yogurt is made with real California milk and it is gluten-free. 

Yogurtland's yogurt is sold by weight at $3 per 100g. Yogurtland uses a self-service system where you get a cup size of your choice (small, medium or large), choose your flavors and toppings and make payment at the cashier. 


There are currently 7 flavors to choose from: Plain Tart, Alphonso Mango Tart, Dragon Passion Tart, Salted Caramel Peacan, Fresh Strawberry, Sumatra Coffee Blend and Dutch Chocolate. Yogurtland will gradually introduce its range of more than 200 flavors. 

There are 33 toppings to choose from, including 15 types of fruits and jellies, not forgetting popular condiments such as Gummy Sweets and Sliced Almonds. 

You can create your own yogurt or froyo masterpiece here! The brightly-lit and colorful interior also make the shop very Instagram-friendly. 

I have no idea what a Nespresso machine is doing in a yogurt shop, but apparently Yogurtland also sells Nespresso coffees at $2.50 a cup. 

Yogurtland makes up for it's slightly-higher price yogurt with a large variety of exciting flavors and toppings. It is a great place to unleash the artist in you and create your own yogurt masterpiece. 

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City #B1-165/166
Opening Hours: Dail11am – 10pm 

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