Thursday, May 4, 2017

Aburi Sushi Heishirou: Delicious Flamed Sushi at Westgate

The spot previously occupied by Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru has been taken over a new Japanese restaurant Aburi Sushi Heishirou which has been in operation Kyushu, Japan for more than 20 years.

Aburi Sushi Heishirou specializes in aburi sushi where the top portion of the sushi are partly grilled by a flaming blowtorch so that people with allergies and sensitivity to raw food can also enjoy delicious sushi.

Aburi Sushi Heishirou specializes in aburi sushi, it would be a shame to visit the restaurant without tasting its signature flamed sushi. Roasted Fatty Salmon Sushi and Roasted Fatty Tuna Sushi are so sinfully good. The flaming by the blowtorch has partially melted the fats so it tastes like you are eating a piece of melted butter with hints of the sea. If eel is your thing, so go for the 
Supreme Sea Eel instead of the regular Roasted Eel which has a softer texture.

Tamagoyaki is a popular snack in Japan, but it is normally served in small portions as side dish in Japanese restaurants in Singapore, so I am really excited to see that Aburi Sushi Heishirou sells the whole tamagoyaki. The freshly-cooked tamagoyaki is soft and slightly sweet and the delicious egginess just blew me away.

Aburi Sushi Heishirou offers 9 types of rolls, such as the classic California Roll and bestseller Dragon Roll and Orange County Roll. If you want something a little more, go for the Ultimate Spider Roll which where soft shell crab and crabmeat are rolled together with soft sushi rice for the ultimate kick.

For those who want a complete meal, Aburi Sushi Heishirou offers different donburi bowls to suit different budgets and preferences. There is Barachirashi Donburi for those who like smaller bites; Aburi Salmon Donburi, Aburi Salmon Mentai Donburi and Aburi Chirashi Donburi for those who like their food a little cooked. For those of you who want something more than the classic Chirashi Donburi, there is also Deluxe Chirashi Donburi where the chef gives you the best of everything.

I fell in love with the picture of Tempura Fried Ice Cream on the menu and I decided then and there that I will try this amazing-looking dessert but it was sold out on my first visit but I did get to eat it on my second visit. However, I was a little disappointed. The tempura coating is not crispy enough and it does not compliment the matcha ice-cream. The chocolate syrup added to the aesthetics of the dish but it does nothing to improve the taste.

The restaurant also stocks a good selection of sakes from differnt parts of Japan such as Niigata, Iwate, Fukuoka, Toyama, Hyogo, Fukui and Nara to be enjoyed with the scrumptious meals. 

Aburi Sushi Heishirou
Address: 33 Gateway Drive, Westgate #03-05
Telephone: 63699489


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