Thursday, May 18, 2017

Beano (Millenia Walk) - Premium Soy Beancurd Desserts at Millenia Walk

Founded in 2004 by ex-banker Alan Yoon, Beano has been serving delicious and nutritious soymilk and soy beancurd using only premium certified non-genetically modified soy beans from Canada. 

After its successful flagship store at Everton Park, Beano has opened another outlet at Millenia Walk. 

When Beano first opened in Millenia Walk, it only served soy beancurd desserts, but now it has started to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I guess Millenia Walk's high rental makes it impossible to survive on selling just desserts. 

Lotus Root & Chicken Soup doesn't look like much but I can  taste that it has been boiled for many hours. Even then, the chicken has managed to retain its tenderness and the staff is very generous, giving me two huge pieces of chicken that leaves me feeling very satisfied. You can choose between white rice or brown rice (top-up $1 for brown rice). 

I have never been very fond of mee siam as I find it too sweet, but I wanted to give it my benefit of doubt so I ordered their Dried Mee Siam and I loved it! The thin rice vermicelli has been thoughtfully cut into bite-size length so you can simply eat it with a spoon. It's not too sweet with just the right amount of the spicy gravy. The small bulb of tamarind paste give the dish a little more kick. 

You can call me ignorant, except that the soy beancurd is silky smooth, there's nothing in this bowl of soy beancurd made using only premium non-modified soybeans any different from any other beancurd I find in hawker centers all around Singapore.

I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food items at Beano. It is a dessert shop after all, so I did not expect the food items to be any good, but they are very-well cooked. 
Beano is a great little to place for people working in and around Millenia Walk to have a simple and nutritious meal in a (not yet) too crowded dining area. 

Beano (Millenia Walk) 
Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk #01-107 
Telephone: 98527900
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 8.30pm; Saturday - Sunday 8am - 6pm

Beano (Everton Park) 
Address: Block 6 Everton Park #01-02
Telephone: 98527900
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 8.30pm; Saturday - Sunday 8am - 6pm

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