Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tsukada Nojo (Westgate) - Japanese Beauty Collagen Hot Pot Steamboat

Tsukada Nojo is one of the longest-standing Japanese restaurants in Westgate and the restaurant is perpetually overflowing with people everytime I pass by. 

Tsukada Nojo specializes in Bijin Nabe where "Bijin" means "beauty" in Japanese and "Nabe" means "cooking or pot", Bijin Nabe can be loosely translated into "beauty pot". 

Tsukada Nojo's chicken collegen is made from chicken reared in their own poultry farm in Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu, Japan. Jidori chicken is stewed for more than 8 hours until the chicken bones are fully dissolved, turning into smooth and silky collagen pudding, which is known as Golden Jidori Soup.

Before starting on the beauty collegen hot pot, the staff will scoop a bowl of the soup to let you try the original flavor of the collegen soup. The soup is very creamy and it is delicious beyond description. You will understand what I mean when you try it for yourself. 

Next, you get to have some of the organic chicken that is used to make the collegen soup. The meat is very tender and juicier than the chicken we have at chicken rice stalls. 

There are various condiments such as chilli sauce, leek oil, yuzu pepper and soy sauce.

Bijin Nabe comes with a full set of vegetables, meat and seafood, to be cooked in the collagen hot pot. There are red radish, prawns, chicken, enoki mushrooms, baby sweet potato leaves, baby corn, lady's fingers and deep fried tofu.

The soup changes as the ingredients are added in, becoming lighter with amazing vegetable flavors. You can choose to finish your meal with the following options: Beauty Noodles, Thin Tsuru-Tsuru Noodle, Thick Mochi-Mochi Noodle or add Rice (White/Brown) to make it into Zosui.

The staff presented us with this beautifully-decorated plate of dessert, courtesy of the chef. 

Having a glass of chilled Kirin beer with your meal! 

Tsukada Nojo (Westgate)
Address: 3 Gateway Drive, Westgate #03-04/04A
Telephone: 64659356
Opening Hours: Lunch 11.30am -3.30pm; Dinner 5pm - 10pm

Tsukada Nojo (Plaza Singapura)
Address: 68B Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura #03-81
Telephone: 63365003Opening Hours: Lunch 11.30am -3.30pm; Dinner 5pm - 10pm

Tsukada Nojo (Chinatown Point)
Address:133 North Bridge Road, Chinatown Point #02-37
Telephone: 64448840
Opening Hours: Lunch 11.30am -3.30pm; Dinner 5pm - 10pm

Tsukada Nojo (Liang Court)
Address: 177 River ValleyRoad, Liang Court #B1-03
Telephone: 68370603
Opening Hours: Lunch 11.30am -3.30pm; Dinner 5pm - 10pm

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