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Monster Curry (Suntec City) - The Best Japanese Curry I Have Had So Far

I have been looking forward to the opening of the Suntec City outlet of Monster Curry ever since the poster first came out. 

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Restaurant Front

Monster Curry (Suntec City)

Monster Curry's signature curry contains 14 species and vegetables, which are cooked for 2 days to bring out the full flavors of the ingredients. Monster Curry is the only restaurant in Singapore to serve "demi-glace" curry, marked by the deep brown color and intense flavors of the curry.  

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Display

There are altogether 5 spiciness levels and chilli "hearts" are added to the curry to achieve the desired spiciness: 1 heart = spicy level 1, 2 hearts = spicy level 2 and so on. 

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Display

Mind you, Monster Curry's chilli sauce is not the usual kind that you can get at any supermarket. It is a special recipe of  chilli padi, garlic, ginger and celery.
Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Menu

This is the actual menu of Monster Curry's Suntec City outlet. The menu is divided into Monster Curry, Katsu Curry, Seafood Curry and Drinks. The curry is all the same, the dishes are named after the ingredients that accompany the curry.

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Homemade Curry

This is the most basic Homemade Curry. You get a generous amount of fragrant rice and signature curry, accompanied by shredded lettuce with goma sauce and pickles. This is the best for tasting the quality of the curry which is rich and flavorful. 

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Cheese Pork Katsu Curry

Pork Katsu Curry is one of the restaurant's signature dish, the juicy pork cutlet is wrapped in a thin layer of batter and fried till crispy. Cheese Pork Katsu Curry is the upgraded version with added cheese and the melted cheese gives the dish the cheesiness to bring it to another level of enjoyment. 

If you prefer chicken, there is Chicken Katsu Curry and Cheese Chicken Katsu Curry. 

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Big Fried Fish Curry

Big Fried Fish Curry is the dish for seafood lovers. A huge piece of dory is wrapped in batter and fried till golden and crispy. You can be assured of the freshness of the fish as there is no fishy smell and the dory literally melts in the mouth. 

Of course, if prawns are more your thing, there is Fried Shrimp Curry and Fried Tempura Curry. 

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Monster Combo Curry

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Monster Combo Curry

When you can't decide what to order, the best thing to do is to order one dish that has everything. Monster Combo Curry is the ultimate combination meal where you get pork katsu, pork shabu-shabu, shrimp tempura, fried fish and mozzarella cheese arranged beautifully on top of a mountain of steaming rice. This is supposedly meant to be shared between 2 persons, but I personally feel that it is more than enough to feed 3 average eaters or even 4 small eaters.

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Jumbo Ebi Prawn Menu

Monster Curry (Suntec City) Hamburg Jumbo Fiesta

Monster Curry frequently have different promotions such as this Jumbo Ebi Prawns promotion where omelette rice is paired with huge prawn tempuras and Monster Curry's signature curry. If you are a beef-lover like me, then you should definitely go for the Hamburg Jumbo Fiesta where you get an additional beef patty on top of the ebi prawns and omelette. 

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Matcha Latte with Azuki

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Pear Italian Juice

There are 14 drinks options at the Suntec City outlet of Monster Curry, two of the more unusual ones are Matcha Latte with Azuki and Pear Italian Juice. The matcha latte is a little sweet for my taste and the miserable few azuki beans at the bottom of the tall glass is difficult to scoop out underneath all the ice. 

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Dessert Menu

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Mixed Berry Toast Honey Toast

The window display of the delish-looking desserts has done a fantastic job of tempting me but I learnt that the desserts are only available from 2pm - 6pm, so I made a special trip to the Suntec City outlet of Monster Curry one day straight after work especially for the desserts.  I got the Mixed Berry Honey Toast and it surpassed my expectations. The thick toast is marinated in honey and cut into small pieces before being fried, so the inside is soft and sweet while the outside has a nice crunch. Served with a scoop of premium Haagen Dazs vanilla ice-cream, various fresh berries and drizzled with strawberry syrup, the sweetness of the ice-cream and honey toasts goes well with the tangy berries. This is the perfect dessert. 
The other options are Matcha with Azuki Beans Honey Toast, Tangy Mango Honey Toast, Rum-Raisin Honey Toast, Caramel with Marshmallows Honey Toast and Coconut Banana Honey Toast. 

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Coffee Menu

Monster Curry (Suntec City) - Mocktail Menu

Monster Curry also serves hot and cold coffees with cute dragon-themed coffee art (for Cappuccino, Latte, Caramel Latte and Hazelnut Latte) and mocktails, all of which are only available 2pm - 6pm

Monster Curry's signature "demi-glace" curry is the first of its kind in Singapore and it is definitely the first curry I have had so far. It is really quite addictive which probably explains why the restaurant is always packed with people, but the turnover time is pretty fast, so there is no need to worry.

The Suntec City outlet has just started operation for less than a month, many more items such as pastas and other wonder dishes will be added to the menu soon. Stay tuned to Monster Curry's Facebook page and website for the latest happenings. 

Monster Curry (Suntec City)
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #02-377/378

Addresses and telephone numbers of all 7 outlets (the Suntec City outlet is so new that the address is not updated on Monster Curry's website yet).

Monster Curry is available for delivery via FoodPanda.

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