Thursday, July 6, 2017

Come N Joy - New Korean Restaurant in Millenia Walk

I was just walking out of Millenia Walk after having lunch at Poke Doke the other day when I chanced upon this Korean restaurant that I have never seen before. 

I went back the very next day and it turned out that was their first day of opening and I was one of their first customers. 

Come N Enjoy is a Korean restaurant opened by South Korean couple Kris and Michelle. Their children are all grown-up, so they decided to open a restaurant to keep themselves busy.

Come N Joy

Come N Joy

Come N Enjoy has spacious seating and clean design with huge photographs depicting various places in South Korea. 

Come N Joy

Come N Joy - Menu

Come N Joy's menu is not extensive, featuring a few popular Korean dishes such as bibimbap, ramyun, stews and popular Korean snacks. 

All the sauces and banchan (Korean word for side dishes) are made by the lady boss, Michelle. Although there are not as many items as Kim's Korean Family Restaurant, the quality is definitely there. I am starting to believe Kris when he says that his wife is the best cook and I am looking forward to the food. 

Bulgogi Bibimbap is a Korean staple food that can be found in most Korean restaurants and I really like Come N Enjoy's version. The beef bulgogi is thoroghtly cooked yet retains its tenderness, the sliced mushrooms are thick and juicy and the huge Korean beansprouts gives the dish a lovely crunchy texture. 

Kris, the boss, has kindly recommended Kimchi Soup with Tuna. The spicy-looking soup is  not as spicy as it looks and even non-spicy eaters like me can manage it. I am in love with the sourness of the soup and the tuna chucks are tasty. Ramen can be added for additional $4, but since it was opening special that week, they added it to the soup for free. If you don't like tune, the other options are Kimchi Soup with Pork, Kimchi Soup with Beef, Kimchi Soup with Tuna, Kimchi Soup with Mackerel Pike and Kimchi Soup with Fish Cake.  

Seafood Spicy Ramyun is so good, I slurped up every last drop of the soup. The spicy-looking soup is manageable even for non-spicy eaters like me. Board thick noodles are cooked to perfection and pair with ingredients such as Hungry Ghost gives her honest and unbiased review on restaurants, cafes and food establishments that she has visited in Singapore. This is definitely one of the most delicious ramyun dishes I have ever had.   

I have mixed feeling about the Rice Cake Skewers. On one hand, I find that it is a little cold and not like the hot rice cakes I have had at other places, but on the other hand this colder version is more chewy that its hotter counterpart which I really enjoy. Tell me what you think when you eat this, okay?

After my first taste of the popular Korean fish cake (eomuk) at Dookki, I have fallen in love with this tasty Korean snack that is highly addictive, so I was really excited when I saw that Come N Joy sells it too. However, Come N Joy's Korean Fish Cake Skewers is not as tasty as Dookki's and it seems to be lacking a certain ingredient. 

The chicken dishes are only avilable at night during chimaek (a combination of the words "chicken" and "maekju" - the Korean word for beer). While the Original Chicken pieces are crunchy with tender chicken meat, the overwhelming fowl taste puts me off a little. The other flavors are Seasoned Chilli Chicken, Soy Garlic Chicken and Lemon Cheese Chicken. 

Pick your poison: Charmisul Soju, Chumchurum Soju, Cucumber Soju, Lemon Soju, Hite Beer, Guinness Beer, Heineken Beer, Tiger Beer, Tiger Draft Beer (Full Pint/Half Pint) 

While Come N Joy lacks in variety of dishes, they certainly make up for it with their warm Korean hospitality and authentic Korean dishes. 

Come N Joy 

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk 
Opening Hours: Lunch 11.30am - 3pm (last order 2.30pm); Dinner 5.30pm - 11pm (last order 10.30pm); Sunday 5.30pm - 9.30pm (last order 9pm) 

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