Monday, November 6, 2017

Shi Li Fang Taiwan Hot Pot

I stumbled upon Shi Li Fang when I was window-shopping in JCube one day. The snaking long queue quipped my curiosity and I went to investigate what everyone was queuing for. It turned out to be a Taiwan steamboat restaurant.

I returned a few weeks later with a girlfriend and I got my first taste of Shi Li Fang. 

Shi Lin Fang is fully-decked out in The Little Mermaid theme, with blue walls and cute fish stickers. Perhaps the owner of Shi Li Fang is a huge fan of The Little Meramid? I don’t really see the connection between The Little Mermaid and a steamboat restaurant, but the decoration is rather pleasing to the eye. 

Shi Li Fang’s robotic server in City Square Mall made it into the Lianhe Zaobao because not only can it serve food, it can also sing birthday song. Unfortunately, the robotic server was “resting” on the day we visited the outlet in JCube so I did not get to see it in action. 

This is the ala carte menu which features over 100 items of meats, seafoods, vegetables and rice. 

This is the Single Value Set for those who are dining alone. There are 12 options to choose from, from Shilifang Speciality Chicken Set Meal to Pork Belly Set Meal. The All-in-One Set Meal (for 1 person) includes a whole lot of ingredients: Pork Luncheon Meat, Taiwan Sausages, Crispy Pork, Coriander Ball, Cuttlefish Ball, Beef Ball, Fresh Fish Ball, Green Chilli, Red Chilli, Mushroom Yong Tau Foo, Bittergourd Yong Tau Foo and Yong Tau Foo. 

This set meal menu is for 2-3 people per portion, but you can always combine different set meals for big groups of people. 

There are 14 soup bases to choose from, priced between $3.20 to $12.80. You can top-up $1.60 per person for free-flow of drinks or Chinese Tea. We chose the Beauty Collegen (Chicken) Soup [$4.80 + $3.50 ($3.50 for the collegen stock that looks like vanilla pudding)] and Nourishing Fish Soup. 

Our Pork and Chicken Combo Set Meal [$29.80 + $1.2] contains Japanese Kurobuta Pork, Shilifang Pork Tenderloin (Fresh), Pork Belly, Shilifang Speciality Chicken (Fresh) and Superior Chicken Slice. It is defiant more than enough for 2 persons.  

Every set meal comes with individual vegetable platter which consists of cabbage, lettuce, straw mushroom, egg, black fungus, tofu, winter melon, carrot, vermicelli, fish ball and  crab sticks. 

I ordered an additional serving of Fresh Superior Lamb [$14.90]. The meat came in a plate of bright red curls, it is definitely very fresh but I do wish that the lamb could be cut into thinner slices. 

All the set meals come with 2 servings of noodle or rice and we chose Handmade Noodles and Egg Noodle. 

There are 22 different condiments to choose from but if you can't decide, you can always try Shi Li Fang Signature Sauce (Shi Li Fang Sesame Sauce + Chili Oil + Onion + Parsley), Shi Li Fang Creative Sauce (Shi Li Fang Spicy + Sesame Oil + Garlic) or Taiwan Classic Sauce (Sha Cha Sauce + Garlic + Soy Sauce + Vinegar + Parsley).  

 Top-up $1.60 per person for free-flow of drinks or Chinese Tea.

I think the cute stuffed toys that lines the entrance of Shi Li Fang (JCube) is a draw to female customers. You get 1 stamp for every $38 spent at Shi Li Fang, the stuffed toys can be redeemed with 2-4 stamps. 


Shi Li Fang Taiwan Hot Pot (JCube)
Address: 2 Jurong East Central 1, JCube #02-08A, Singapore 609731
Telephone: 66942122
Opening Hours: Daily 10am - 10pm

Shi Li Fang Taiwan Hot Pot (Orchard Central)
Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #07-10/11, Singapore 238896
Telephone: 62380800

Shi Li Fang Taiwan Hot Pot (Icon Village)
Address: 12 Gopeng Street, Icon Village #01-41/42/52/53, Singapore 078877
Telephone: 62228518

Shi Li Fang Taiwan Hot Pot (Thomson Plaza)
Address: 301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza #01-106, Singapore 574408
Telephone: 64560800

Shi Li Fang Taiwan Hot Pot (Chinatown Point)
Address: 133 New Bridge Road, Chinatown Point #B1-30, Singapore 059413
Telephone: 66363833

Shi Li Fang Taiwan Hot Pot (City Square Mall)
Address: 180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall #02-53/54, Singapore 208539
Telephone: 66367899

Shi Li Fang Taiwan Hot Pot (West Coast Plaza)
Address: 154 West Coast Road, West Coast Plaza #02-24, Singapore 127371
Telephone: 62662858

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